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Release to Embrace

August 27, 2018

Release to Embrace


Namaste Yogis, I hope this message finds you well and happily connected within yourself & your life.  As, the peaceful and mindful connection fuel you through this week, and take you through to another month by week end.


Just over a year ago, I purchased 11Exhale Yoga.  I was on a swoop of energy that challenged every emotion and questioned my desire and ability to take on this responsibility .. It truly was new thoughts, new possibilities and within weeks, balanced with unknowns & uncertainty.  This is such old news it’s barely worth mentioning, but then again, that is how this all began, and the title is:  Release to Embrace..


Thankfully my connection with Yoga, is true, it is as true as my connection with myself, with Yoga being the beautiful component to make me take note, ..be more present, direct my energies toward doing good & bringing more Yoga, this amazing link to health & “wellbeingness” that I had found. 

..As, day by day, class by class, month by month was in motion, I found, along with you, ..that staying balanced, or even staying on the path where balance has more of a chance, it still isn’t easy.  Living & Loving, growing and evolving, can get messy.  And included in this mix, .. so many passionate yogis, just like me ..looking to what is going to be, trying to manage the day to day and figure how all of this change is going to settle.  And settle it did, with so many wonderful offerings and styles of Yoga being distributed around the community, along with some wonderful Yogis that had been leading and guiding moving on to do their own offerings & even new Studio’s opening!!


This message could not be more heart felt, I have let so many intentions soar, intentions of Release, ..to let the past be the past, to let go of hurt & disappointment, and truly know that Love is the dominant intent I have moving forward.  This is not just for myself, it is also to you, to our community and beyond. There is nothing more powerful than making the decision to move forward, and move forward with Embrace as my intent, is also what I am sharing.  Embracing this wonderful opportunity to Grow the Yoga Offering and Goodness & do so in a Supportive & Inclusive manner, that is how I am moving forward, ..”Embracing” the foundation we all have created, and the beautiful future we all have before us.


This is a new chapter for Steel 3 Yoga, one that is more stable, and suitable to maintain and grow this culture and vibe.  My desire to be balanced, loving & supporting could not be more true.  I hope all of you hear me, and accept that we would not have come together if I was not open hearted and hopeful, I just was not equip to handle all day / every day in my best energy and light, so, please accept my sincere apology if hurt feelings have come from our interactions, and know I support you, this community, and all you awesome Yogis & Yogis to come.


I am looking forward to this new beginning, one that we really look to enjoy our days, and expect to continue to settle with even more light, love, peace and ease.  

Ahhh, Release to Embrace 



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